The Power of Six

Six years of Nude Fashion Store. Six stories of success. Six inspiring personalities. Six different styles. When Diana Chaves, Fernanda Ferreira Velez, Luísa Beirão, Maria Guedes, Rita Blanco and Sofia Carvalho got together to celebrate our 6th Anniversary, we couldn't help wondering about the meaning of the perfect number - beauty, harmony, completeness.

Luísa Beirão, model

Sofia Carvalho, TV hostess

Diana Chaves, actress

Rita Blanco, actress

More than Fashion

From acting to TV, from the runway to the blogosphere, is not only Fashion that connects them. The confidence, the ambition, the elegance and the passion they follow their dreams inspire us in the beginning of this new chapter of Nude Fashion Store. And hope it inspires you too.

Fernanda Velez, founder of Blog da Carlota

Maria Guedes, founder of the blog Stylista

Photography: Isabel Saldanha
Photography Assistant: Tomás Monteiro
Styling: Gabriela Pinheiro
Styling Assistant: Ana Catarina Rocha
Makeup Artist: Joana Moreira
Makeup Assistant: Maria Casanova
Hair: Joana Oliveira (Hairfusion)
Hair Assistants: Bruno Risenberger & Vitor Emanuel
PR: Global Press
Showroom André Costa

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