M Missoni takes the British Countryside

With a rustic, rich and cozy mood, M Missoni presents its Fall 17-18 collection in the sophisticated English countryside. With Soho Farmhouse as the background and worn by the stylish sister duo Dylana and Natalie Suarez, the colours, prints and textures come alive in the fields' muted tones.

Autumn Colours

Ponchos, long cardigans and dresses in warm oranges and earthy greens overlay ruffled blouses and knit pants and leggings. Colours and prints are mixed in an elegant (and very Missoni) way.

Postcards from England

Fresh flowers, bike rides, outside talks in the grass, a little cottage, a fireplace, a warm cup of tea between hands and colourful, cozy knits - Autumn’s & Missoni’s finest with the English countryside as background.

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